Honestly, A LOT. Please understand that we cannot talk about all the fetaures right now, but we will introduce and showcase the early access soon.

What we can say, is:

  1. It will be 2.5 times faster than World Creator 2.
  2. It will have a real-time path-tracer creating ultra-realistic renders as senn in state-of-the-art movies.
  3. It will have a new and ultra-powerful system for creating vast landscapes in real-time, tiled and highly re-usable.
  4. It will have an ultra modern, sci-fi, and highly customizable user-interface that will blow your socks off.
  5. It will have new and ultra-realistic Erosion filters included.
  6. It will have new and 100% easy to use design capabilities that you've never seen before.
  7. It will have full VR support.

If you thought World Creator 2 is awesome, then you go totally mad with World Creator 3 - guaranteed.