If you found a bug in World Creator, you can report it in the customer portal.

Follow these steps:

1) Login to the customer portal

2) Navigate to Bug Report

3) Fill out the form

4) Submit your report

By default, you will not receive a notification email from our system - except you have chosen YES while you filled out the form.

Support as many information as only possible - the detailed, the better. If you can reproduce it, write every single step required. In order to have that issue fixed quickly and accurate, we need a detailed description. You may also do a screenshot if the issue is more an UI issue - everything helps.


Bug reports are not public. You personal data is not shared in a list with others. The only persons that receive your report, are employees of BiteTheBytes GmbH - the developers of World Creator.

Thank you very much for your help and support - every bug that gets fixed, brings us closer to a bullet-proof version of World Creator.