Typically, you will receive two emails after purchasing World Creator. The first email is from FastSpring and covers your receipt. The second email is from us containing your acount login credentials. 

If you haven't received anything, then something went wrong during the purchase process. FastSpring typically tries to book your bank for a transaction. If that fails, then no purchase was made at all, hence, you will not receive any email from FastSpring nor us.

If you receive a receipt from FastSpring but no mail from us containing your login credntials, then please make sure to check your SPAM FOLDERS, too. In most cases you will find it there and everythng is fine. If not, then please feel free to contact support@bitethebytes.com and make sure to send your transaction / order ID or the email you used to place the order. Our support team will immediately check what went wrong and help you where they can.